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Let’s do this!

It might seem silly in an online world saturated with blogs, where even longtime bloggers are questioning the relevance of their efforts, to start one. But I have to; the past five years have been all sorts of crazy, yet in the moments of stillness there has been a consistent voice in the back of my head reminding me that once things calm down, I need to get back to the blogosphere.

Some of you may remember ‘femme de montmartre’ from a gazillion years ago – I started it around the time my littlest bloke was born in 2007/2008. I found it a creative way to express myself when I was otherwise absorbed in raising two people under 2 years of age and building a business also in it’s infancy. I’ve loved writing all my life, it’s how I process this constantly moving brain of mine, it’s also my go-to connection tool… I love sending letters, texts, notes, and emails… Even the odd questionnaire!

Quite frankly, once I release my mind chatter into written form, I feel more sorted, almost euphoric and believing I can change the world! Therefore being an extrovert with a tendency to share… alot… blogging was the perfect platform for me. I’ve missed it.

Over recent months – after June 22nd 2010 turned my entire life on it’s head, requiring me to dig deeper than i’d ever needed to before – I’ve found myself ready to fully immerse in the world again. I’ve been saying ‘yes’ to more opportunities, opening myself to interviews and online conversations with women i’ve met (and admired) via my old blogging days. All this questioning has led me to see how blurred my personal and professional life is – ie. what I do is who I am and vice versa – so with that reminder, I need to ensure that I am doing the things that make me come alive, not just get bogged down in the nitty, gritty of running a small business. I love writing, I love reading, I love connecting, I love learning, I love collaborating, I love laughing, I love participating, I love social media, I love my little blokes, I love The Galerie Fitzroy and our team, I love people, I love sharing – so, it’s back to blogging for me.

… can’t wait.

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